Hyun Bin Muncul Kembali


Hyun Bin to be Discharged from Army in a Few Hours  ***\(^O^)/***

Hyun Bin will be formally discharged on the 6th from his military duties after serving for 1 year and 9 months. He enlisted back on March 7, 2011.

Hyun Bin’s release time is set for 10 AM KST, and his label dispatched bodyguards because his discharge is expected to be a big event. An estimated 1,000 fans from both in and out of Korea will be in attendance as well as numerous reporters and photographers from all the news agencies. Hyun Bin will give a speech about being released from the army and greet his fans for about 10 minutes. He will then leave in a car that his label has prepared.

Hyun Bin has been receiving many calls from CFs, dramas, and movies even before his official discharge from the army, so fans are looking forward to seeing him return to his activities.


My hero dah habis service Military….! Korang kenal tak Hyun Bin ni?? Hero Secret Garden laaa kalau drama terbarunya. Ada lagi drama² lain yang aku tengok antaranya Worlds Within, My Lovely Samsoon, Snow Queen dan Ireland yang tak best tu.. Hehehehehe

Tapi aku sure, lepas dia kuar military ni, 1st thing yang dia nak buat adalah berkahwin!! Dengan siapa? Dengan siapa lagi kalau tak heroin Secret Garden tuuuu…..!

Apapun, welcome back Hyun Bin…! Saranghe~~~


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7 Responses to Hyun Bin Muncul Kembali

  1. cindyrina says:

    whoa!!!! can’t wait for his next movie!!!! oppa!!!! muahahaha gediks giler saya!!!

  2. rasp says:

    welkam back!!!!!

    lepas nie mesti aktif balik berlakon *winkkkkk*

  3. wida says:

    hah..dia bercinta dgn han ji won tu ke kak?

  4. zahidahwahid says:

    seriously ke dia dengan han ji won? adoi! lama giler tak update pasal korea ni… huhuhu

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